FootBalance Custom Insoles – make walking more comfortable

FootBalance Custom Insoles – make walking more comfortable

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to a very exciting 2016 at All About Feet with a one off special offer on FootBalance insoles on Saturday 16 January.

FootBalance insoles are normally £50 but will be just £45 for appointments booked on this day.

A FootBalance appointment is half an hour and includes an assessment of your feet emailed to you and a pair of insoles. These are custom made during the appointment so that you can leave with them comfortably fitted in your shoes.

FootBalance Insoles and Orthotics are suitable for your everyday shoes as well as your sports shoes.

FootBalance Insoles have Dynamic Flex which exercises your arch, aiming to improve your feet. FootBalance should be replaced every 9-12 months (depending on wear and activity) to reflect the changes to your feet and lifestyle.

We also offer a full biomechanical assessment should you require more support and a FootBalance Orthotic rather than Insole.

Check out the FootBalance website and make your appointment.
It could change your life!