A new and accessible clinic in the heart of Yateley offering Podiatry, Foot Health, Nail Surgery, specialised treatments such as FootBalance custom orthotics and Clearanail fungal nail treatment, Reflexology, Reiki and a range of beauty treatments.


The Fleet clinic is prominent set in the High Street and offers a full range of Podiatry and Foot Health treatments including FootBalance custom orthotics, Clearanail fungal treatment,  Nail Surgery, Relexology, Reiki.


An established High Street clinic offering Foot Health, FootBalance custom orthotics, as well as regular and speciaised foot care including fungal treatments.

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Are you keen to run your own business and benefit from All About Feet brand and expertise? We want to offer accessible, professional foot care and allied services and are actively seeking motivated people.

All About Feet provides comprehensive treatment and care for your feet.

Podiatry, Chiropody, Orthotics, Foot Health, Reflexology, Reiki and Beauty – something for all your foot care needs provided by fully qualified and experienced practitioners.  We offer a welcoming, friendly environment where everyone can feel comfortable and confident and where regular foot care is the norm.

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DB Wider Fit Shoes is a long established UK manufacturer whose footwear roots can be traced back to 1841. Shoes are made in Britain and their expertise lie in the manufacture of comfortable, quality footwear in a variety of extra wide fittings.


Everyone’s feet are different and often our own feet differ from right to left. FootBalance’s foot analysis identifies your foot type while FootBalance Custom Insoles are individually moulded to your unique feet to support them in a neutral position aiding a balanced stance and correct posture.

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Bunion Relief socks

OS1st Medical Grade Compression socks, sleeves and braces can be fitted alongside your insole to give enhanced support.

Our podiatrist-designed Biomechanical Footbed Technology redesigns the classic flat footbed to the natural shape of your feet, helping improve posture and relieve common aches and pains.

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Clearanail is an exciting new product for treating Fungal Nail (Onychomycosis). Clearanail is based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), that makes tiny holes in the nail plate. The holes allow topical treatments to reach the nail bed in much higher concentration levels than otherwise possible.

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