All About Feet, opening in Fleet

We are really excited to announce that Jo and Vasti will be opening their own All About Feet foot clinic in the High Street in Fleet, Hampshire in April 2019.

The official opening will be on Saturday 27th April and we’ll be there to show you around the new clinic for most of the day.  The clinic is just along from the Library near the pelican crossing.

FootBalance physiotherapist, Anna, will be available to answer any questions you might have about what a FootBalance custom orthotic could do for you and show how their unique moulding technique is so effective.

FootBalance are also specialists in Orthopaedic Sleeves and these OS1st Medical Grade Compression socks, sleeves and braces will be available at All About Feet in both Fleet and Yateley.  These help with pain relief, aid recovery from injury and promote healthy circulation. They can help with Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), bunions, rest pain (to be worn at night), weak ankles and other conditions.

We will also be joined by representatives from Flexitol and Emtrix.

Flexitol are well known for their foot creams and lotions, and additionally they have a specialist range of creams which are only sold through podiatrists.  These creams are very suitable for diabetics and people with dry skin conditions where fissures or cracks in the heels are very common.

Emtrix is the number one product of choice in many countries for fungal nail treatment.  The product comes with a soft gel applicator and is easy to use.  There are no contraindications and results can be seen in a matter of weeks.  The treatment can be enhanced for severe fungus by combining it with the Clearanail micropenetration drill – one of the treatments available at our clinics.

As well as these specialists, you can meet Vasti and Jo who can show you round their lovely new clinic and talk to you about how they can help to make you and your feet feel comfortable and cared for.

All About Feet  –  A New Approach to Foot Care

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