All About Feet are exactly that – we look after all aspects of your footcare and more:

We currently have clinics in Yateley, Fleet and Crowthorne and are looking to expand, through people Franchising with us.

We treat a wide range of ailments: including, corns, callous, cracked heels, verruca, ingrowing and fungal nails. We can help you with the way you walk, to help with knee, hip, leg and back problems and toe nails can be transformed to make them look and feel beautiful. See below for the latest treatments available. Please check the clinic pages to see if they are offered at a clinic near you.

We also offer a Visiting Service for those patients unable to attend a clinic appointment. Just call one of our clinics to arrange an appointment.

Ingrowing Toe Nail Surgery

For problematic ingrowing toe nails minor surgery under local anaesthetic is often the best solution to this painful condition. Any concerns will be answered at your initial consultation so that you can proceed with confidence.


Available as custom insoles (Dynamic range) or the firmer custom orthotics (Medical range). Postings can be added to reinforce FootBalance and help to further realign the foot. Comfortable for both everyday and sports shoes.

Diabetic Foot Assessments

A regular check up is recommended to help prevent diabetic foot problems. We offer a comprehensive check to assess and monitor the condition of your feet which can be additional to and in-between your GP check ups.


Effective treatment for nail fungus using Controlled Micro Penetration to make very small holes in the nail through which treatment can be applied directly to the fungus. We follow and recommend the 16 week Clearanail pathway.

Reflexology and Reiki

Reflexology is a pressure massage to the feet to stimulate reflex points and balance the body’s systems. Reiki is a laying on of hands healing technique. Can help with a range of health issues and is deeply relaxing.

Warm Wax Therapy

A soothing, therapeutic, softening heat treatment for dry, tired or painful feet. Warm wax gently brushed over your feet, warm booties then a soothing massage can help with many medical conditions as well as relaxation.

Homeopathic Marigold Therapy

Marigold Therapy is used alongside conventional podiatry treatments. Its unique properties assist in the treatment of stubborn, numerous and painful verrucae where it can be used safely and painlessly. Also used for hard skin and corns.

Cosmetic Nail Reconstruction

This cosmetic nail reconstruction rebuilds damaged, discoloured and fungal nails. The gel is softer and more elastic than other gels and adapts to the movements of the toe. It can give good results, even where there is very little nail left.

Dr.’s Remedy
Nail Treatments

These nail treatments and polishes are organic and contain anti-fungal as well as nourishing additives without the use of any harmful chemicals. Suitable for vegans, children, in pregnancy, those recovering from chemotherapy. Maintains strong, healthy nails.


A range of relaxing pedicures from a standard Just Polish to luxury Pure Indulgence Pedicures. Carried out by trained beauticians who recommend the use of Dr.’s Remedy (podiatrist formulated) nail treatments to maintain nail health.

Strive Orthotic Footwear

Strive have designed a range of shoes and sandals that are both stylish and practical. They incorporate an orthotic foot bed to help place the body in a more effective mechanical position to make walking more comfortable.

Specialist Foot Supplies

Creams, ointments, nail oils and softeners, ball of the foot and toe cushioning, fungal nail preparations, toe props, hard skin files, gel cushioning, nail polish and treatments, shoes, slippers, and much more available in clinics.


Franchise with All About Feet

All About Feet offers you an opportunity to invest and be in control of your own business.  Whether you are a Podiatrist looking for your own clinic or an investor looking for a rewarding management franchise, we can help you to fulfil your ambition and realise your investment goals.


  • be in charge of your own business with opportunities to expand
  • established systems of working in an easy to follow format

  • being part of a team with professional collaboration, help and advice

  • in depth training in every aspect of owning and running an All About Feet clinic

  • well defined operational processes and systems

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